Higher education in USA and China

Higher education in USA and China The foreigner teacher has given us an interesting lesson. He introduced us higher education in the USA. Although, is hard for us to understand every word of him. All it of us enjoy his pronunciation, interesting small stories and so on. Through this class,I learn more. We can see how the American students select a university and know the way they pay their tuition, the funds may come from parental assistance、scholarships、loans or grants. Still, we can find the difference between USA and China in education. To be honest, I do envy the school life in USA. They can choose living on campus or not. They take some part-time jobs to earn some money. This point I think is worth praising highly. We have grown up now; we should live as an adult not a little baby any more. However, our schoolwork in university is heavy, occupying most of our time. So ,we have to study,study,study…all the time. Now, employment is a serious problem for undergraduate students in China. It is so realistic for recruitment enterprise to judge a person by the school he graduated. Many students can not find a job. It reflects the disadvantages of contemporary Chinese education. What is causing the problem?They are clever,they gain high marks in examination…However, they lack the ability of communicating, they even can not handle the interpersonal relationships…a lot of shortcomings show that it is necessary for china to learn from western countries in education system. Chinese education pays too much attention to theoretical knowledge and ignores the importance of the practice. The content above is my comprehension and feeling after attending that class,in the aspect of different education between China and USA.


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