2019精选教育届高三英语一轮单元复习测评 必修2 Wildlife protection Word版含解析.doc

2019 届高三英语一轮单元复习测评
Wildlife protection
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Thanks. I know how to handle this problem with your directions. —But do remember that this rule cannot be ________ to every case. A.applied B.referred C.drawn D.thrown 2.The results of the medical checkup suggested that my father ________in poor health, so the doctor suggested that he ________ smoking and take more exercise. A.was; gave up B.be; should give up C.should be; gave up D.was; give up 3.—The weather has been very hot and dry. —Yes.If it had rained even a drop,things would be much better now! And my vegetables ________. A.wouldn't die B.didn't die C.hadn't died D.wouldn't have died 4.In my opinion, ________ shouldn't be any doubt that China will become one of the most powerful countries in the future. A.this B.that C.it D.there 5.Many lifestyle patterns do such ________great harm to health that they actually speed up ________weakening of the human body. A.a; / B./; the C.a; the D./; / 6.With the government's aid, those ________ by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements. A.affect B.affecting C.affected D.were affected 7.Most parents are focused on their children's grade on the exams, with little attention ________ to their mental health. A.paying B.to pay C.paid D.having paid 8.We all felt a sense of ________ when we saw so many overseas Chinese coming back safe and sound from Libya.

A.security B.relief C.emergency D.achievement 9.I appreciated________the opportunity to study abroad two years ago. A.to have given B.to have been given C.having given D.having been given 10 . The Taiwan pop king has finally released his latest album, Exclamation Mark, ________11 new sound tracks. A.containing B.contained C.including D.included 11.Thanksgiving Day offers the Americans an opportunity to express ________ for the year's bonuses and blessings. A.consideration B.resolution C.appreciation D.reflection 12.The new law has come into ________;surely it will have ________ on industry of the country. A.affect; an effect B.effect; affect C.effect; an effect D.an effect; an effect 13.The English of 500 years ago was very different from the English of today. Over time, some words and expressions even ________ completely. A.come to an end B.come into being C.break up D.die out 14.Most Palestinians are________a path of peace,which means they reject a path of violence. A.at the mercy of B.in favor of C.in terms of D.owing to 15.Miss another class ________ you will fail. A.and B.or C.unless D.but Ⅱ.阅读理解 After years of trying to balance work with motherhood, Karl Smith left her corporate(公司 的) job behind to start her own business.
It's been over a decade since this mom entrepreneur(企业家) began making cakes out of her family's kitchen. During that time, she has managed to grow Magical Moments & Elite Party Rentals into a welldeveloped wedding planning and rental operation. Statistics show that these kinds of mommyowned businesses are on the rise. Many women say they can't find work that allows them to balance their responsibilities at home. Indeed, according to a national study conducted by IpsosReid on behalf of Microsoft

Canada, fiftyfour percent of female small business owners agree that being able to work at home to raise their family is a key reason to leave the corporate world behind. “Being a mom entrepreneur means trading a typical 9to5 work week for a more irregular routine”,says Gemma Moore, a busy mother of two who owns and operates MG Moore Designs, a design company specializing in website, photography and print media.“Finding a business that you can build in the evenings will allow you to spend time with your children during the day and continue your business after they go to school.” Ninetytwo percent of female small business owners say that mobile equipment and computer software can help a mom entrepreneur make her own hours and work whenever she is most productive. In fact, ninetyfive percent agree that small business owners need to be_more_technologysavvy than ever before. The more technology they master, the more successfully they will run their businesses. “Balance is a key aspect for most entrepreneurs, but this is especially true for women”, says Ruth Bastedo, President of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada(WEC). “Entrepreneurs recognize that today's technology can help them to find work/life balance while still providing them with the tools and materials they need to grow their businesses more effectively.” 16.Many female employees left their corporate jobs in order to________. A.master more and more technologyB.support their family in a better way C.look after their children more carefullyD.carry out their responsibilities as housewives 17.What can we know about Gemma Moore from the passage? A.She has two companies of her own.B.She was once doing trade business. C.She does not work in the daytime.D.She can arrange her time more properly. 18.The underlined part “be more technologysavvy”(in Paragraph 5) probably means “________”. A.save more hours for technologyB.spend less money on technology C.have a better knowledge of technologyD.find a better balance in the technical field 19.The passage mainly tells us that ________. A.most women can hardly find suitable workB.new technology can help women to find work C.Karl Smith has started her own business at home D.mommyowned businesses can balance work and life Ⅲ.阅读表达 阅读下面短文并回答问题。
[1]One of my wonderful memories is about a Christmas gift. Unlike other gifts, it came without wrap(包装). [2]On September 11th, 1958, Mum gave birth to Richard. After she brought him home from hospital, she put him in my lap, saying, “I promised you a gift, and here it is.” What an honor! I turned four a month earlier and none of my friends had such a baby doll of their own. I played with it day and night. I sang to it. I told it stories. I told it over and over

how much I loved it! [3]One morning, however, I found its bed empty. My doll was gone! I cried for it. Mum wept and told me that the poor little thing had been sent to a hospital. It had a fever. For several days, I heard Mum and Dad whispering such words as “hopeless”, “pitiful”, and “dying”, which sounded ominous(不吉利的). [4]Christmas was coming. “Don't expect any presents this year,” Dad said, pointing at the
socks I hung in the living room. “If your baby brother lives, that'll be Christmas enough.” As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I'd never seen him cry before. [5]The phone rang early on Christmas morning. Dad jumped out of bed to answer it.From my bedroom I heard him say, “What? He's all right?” He hung up and shouted upstairs. “The hospital said we can bring Richard home!” [6] “Thank God!” I heard Mum cry.
[7]From the upstairs window, I watched my parents rush out to the car. I had never seen them so happy. And I was also full of joy. What a wonderful day! My baby doll would be home. I ran downstairs. My socks still hung there flat. ________; they were filled with
love! 20.What is the passage mainly about? (no more than 5 words)
________________________________________________________________________ 21.What happened to the author on September 11th, 1958? (no more than 10 words)
________________________________________________________________________ 22.What does the word “it”(Line 5, Paragraph 2) probably refer to? (1 word)
________________________________________________________________________ 23.How was the father when Christmas was coming? (1 word)
________________________________________________________________________ 24.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 7 with proper words.(no more than 8 words) ________________________; they were filled with love!
参考答案 Ⅰ.1.A 考查动词辨析。apply to 适用于。答句句意:但是务必记住这条规则不能适用于每 一种情况。 2.D 第一空前的 suggest 意为“表明”,其后的宾语从句用陈述语气;第二空前的 suggest 意为“建议”,其后的宾语从句用虚拟语气, should do, 其中 should 可以省略,故 D 项正确。 句意:医疗检查结果表明我父亲健康状况很糟糕,因此医生建议他戒掉烟,多锻炼。 3.D 考查虚拟语气。第二个说话人的 if 条件句是选择的关键。如果当时下一点雨,现在 的情况就好得多了!我的蔬菜也就不会死了。过去没有下雨,所以我的蔬菜干死了,也是发 生在过去。故表示与过去情况相反,而将句子还原则为 If it had rained even a drop, my vegetables wouldn't have died.。 4.D 考查固定用法。there shouldn't be any doubt 不应该有任何怀疑。 5.B 考查冠词的用法。句意:许多生活方式对人类的健康有害,它们加速了人类身体的 衰弱。“对……有害”用短语“do harm to”表示,中间无需加冠词;之后的 weakening 是动词 的 ing 形式表示抽象的概念,需要加上 the。 6.C 考查非谓语动词。句意:在政府的援助下,那些遭受地震灾害影响的人们已经搬进

了新居。非谓语动词在句中担当定语,修饰句子主语 those。 7.C 考查非谓语动词。句意:大部分父母重在关心他们孩子在考试中所取得的成绩,而 很少注意他们的心理健康。本句的后半句是介词 with 的复合结构,attention 和 pay 之间是 动宾关系,所以用过去分词表示被动。 8.B 考查名词词义辨析。句意:当看到这么多的海外同胞安然无恙地从利比亚回国之后, 我们都有一种如释重负的感觉。security 保障,安全感;relief 轻松,宽心,慰藉;emergency 紧急情况,突发事件;achievement 完成,业绩,成就。 9.D 考查非谓语动词的用法。appreciate 后加动名词,根据句意应是“被给”,故用动名词 完成式的被动式。句意:两年前我很珍惜给我出国留学的机会。 10.A 考查非谓语动词的用法。此处 containing 意为“包括”。句意:台湾流行歌王最终发 行了他的最新专辑《感叹号》,其包含 11 首新歌曲。 11.C 考查名词辨析。appreciation 感激。句意:感恩节给美国人提供了一个机会表达他 们对一年红利和赐福的感恩。 resolution 决议,解决;consideration 考虑; reflection 反映, 思考。 12.C 考查 affect 及 effect 的用法。句意:这项新的法律已经生效了。它肯定会对这个国 家的工业有影响。come into effect 开始实施,开始生效;have an effect on… 对……有影响。 13.D 考查动词短语辨析。die out 灭绝。句意:500 年前的英语与现在的英语迥异。随着 时光的流逝,一些词语甚至完全消灭。 come to an end 结束; come into being 开始存在, 形成;break up 破碎。 14.B 考查介词短语辨析。A 项意为“任由……摆布”;B 项意为“支持;赞成”;C 项意为“依 据;在……方面”;D 项意为“由于”。句意:大部分巴勒斯坦人赞同和平方式,这意味着他们 反对暴力行径。 15.A 考查祈使句。句意:你再缺一次课就会不及格了。“祈使句+and+句子”表示“做某 事……,那么……”。“祈使句+or+句子”表示“做某事……,否则……”。根据句意选 A 项。unless 意为“如果不,除非”;but 意为“但是”;都不符合句型要求。 Ⅱ.很多职场妈妈选择离职,自主创业,因为这样既可以照顾家庭也可以兼顾自己的事业。 16.B 推理判断题。根据文章第三段的后半部分的“raise their family”可知答案选 B。 17.D 细节理解题。根据文章第四段 Gemma Moore 说的话“Finding…go to school.”可知, 在照顾家庭和发展事业上她可以灵活、合理地分配时间。故选 D 项。 18 . C 词 义 猜 测 题 。 根 据 第 五 段 画 线 部 分 后 面 的 那 句 话 “The more technology they master, the more successfully they will run their businesses.” 可知,答案选 C 项。 19.D 主旨大意题。本文主要讲的是很多职场妈妈为了兼顾家庭和事业,而选择离职并自 己成立小规模公司,因为这样她们可以更灵活地分配时间平衡家庭和事业。故答案选 D。 Ⅲ.“我”四岁时母亲给了“我”一件特殊的圣诞礼物:人娃娃——我可爱的弟弟 Richard。但后 来 Richard 发高烧差点夭折,经医院抢救得救,这使我更加珍爱我的“人娃娃”。 20.A special Christmas gift. 第一段一开始便定义“我”的弟弟 Richard 是一件特殊的圣诞礼物。虽然弟弟 Richard 差点离 我们而去,但后来还是得以平安回家,这为我们的圣诞节增加了乐趣。 21.He got a baby brother. 虽然表面上是有了一个娃娃,但事实上是有了亲弟弟。 22.Richard. 23.Sad. 从第四段最后两句 As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I'd never seen him cry before.

可知父亲为小弟弟可能会死去而感到十分伤心。 24.But I knew they were not empty 上文告诉我们,“我”的圣诞袜瘪瘪地挂在那里,下文告诉我们里面装满了爱,所以这里承上 启下表达的意思是:但是“我”知道里面并不是空的。


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