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My View on the Problems in China’s Higher Education

? Name :Chen Liang ? Major in :Applied Chemistry

Background of Higher Education

With the increasing development of our higher education innovation ,there is no doubt that our higher education makes too much difference in recent years .We can easily witness the significant expanding scale of the higher education ,the improving conditions of the teaching facilities ,and the enhancing teaching skills of the teachers .However ,while we are standing at the turning point of the development of our higher education ,some critical problems of our higher education are gradually turning up .

Three Main Problems
Firstly ,as the expanding of scale of colleges ,too many students enter the colleges and receive the socalled higher education .The number of college students has never become larger before .When considering the limited teaching resource and vacant jobs with high salary ,a lot of students with high degree and low competence are faced with unemployment because of their high expectations about the future .


Secondly ,with the advanced development of our economy ,the gap between the eastern and western areas becomes larger and larger .At the same time ,the students in the two separate areas receive unequal teaching conditions and living environment . The unreasonable distribution of teaching and living conditions absolutely leads to the imbalance of our higher education .


At last ,throughout our study we may be much impressed that what today’s college is teaching most successfully is competence-competence in meeting schedules ,in gathering information ,in responding well on tests ,in earning enough credits .However ,when we go to the fierce society ,we become almost incompetent when comparing with those who are just skilful in this only one field from the specialized technical school .Sometimes ,we may doubt the significance of accepting higher education .

Sound Solutions
Therefore ,taking the three problems mentioned above into consideration ,we may easily come up with corresponding solutions. Form my own perspective ,firstly ,our government and the leaders of the colleges should consider comprehensively the two important factors ,namely, the limited teaching resource and vacant jobs with high salary .When expanding the scale of our high education ,we should make a balance at the quality and quantity of our high education .


Secondly ,we should make the most likely reasonable distribution of teaching and living resource in the eastern and western areas just to reduce the gap and win a balance .At last ,it’s still urgent to improve the quality of our higher education .The outcomes of collegiate education should be measured by the students who should not only be proficient in only one special field ,but also have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of our life .As long as we make joint efforts ,a perfect solution is coming in our way .

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