高中英语《Book5 unit5 First aid》自编习题 新人教版必修5

高中英语《Book 5 unit5》自编习题 新人教版选修 5
I. 单项选择: 1. Fruit juice can be ha rmful _______ children’s teeth. A. for B. toward C. with D. to 2. Sugar is not an important element in bread, but flour is _______. A. unique B. essential C. nat ural D. adequate 3. The fellow felt rather ____ as he was the only person that wore sport swear at the party. A. in place B. out of place C. by the way D. in the way 4. The foreign teacher Mr. Halt has a strange way of writing. Here’s a notice from him, but no clear_____ of what he has written can be made at all. A. explanation B. meaning C. sense D. idea 5. Something must be done to prevent factories sending out poisonous gases so as to keep the city _________. A polluting B. from polluting C. pollute D. from being polluted 6. The flowers _____ sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty of nature. A. to smell B. smelling C. smelt D to be smelt 7. As we joined the big crowd I got ____________ from my friends.? A.separated? B.spared? C.lost? D.missed? 8. I was leaving _________ several girls came up to me. A. while B. when C. as D. since 9. A small car is big enough for a family of three ____ you need more space for baggage. A. once B. because C. if D. unless 10. When _______ help, one often says “Thank you.” or “It’s kind of you”. A. offering B. to offer C. to be offered D. offered II. 阅读理解 I made a pledge(誓言) to myself on the way down to the vacation beach cottage. For two weeks I would try to be a loving husband and father. Totally loving. No ifs, ands or buts. The idea had come to me as I listened to a talk on my car radio. The speaker was quoting a Biblical(圣经的)passage about husbands being thoughtful of their wives. Then he went on to say, "Love is an act of will. A person can choose to love." To myself, I had to admit that I had been a selfish husband. Well, for two weeks that would change. And it did. Right from the moment I kissed Evelyn at the door and said, "That new yellow sweater(套头衫) looks great on you." "Oh, Tom, you noticed, "she said, surprised and pleased. Maybe a little puz zled. After the long drive, I wanted to sit and read. Evelyn suggested a walk on the beach. I started to refuse, but then I thought, "Evelyn's been alone here with the kids all week and now she wants to be alone with me.”We walked on the beach


while the children flew their kites. So it went. Two weeks of not calling the Wall Street firm where I am a director; a visit to the shell museum though I usually hate museums. Relaxed and happy, that's how the whole vacation passed. I made a new pledge to keep on remembering to choose love. There was one thing that went wrong with my experiment, however. Evelyn and I still laugh about it today. On the last night at our cottage, preparing for bed, Evelyn stared at me with the saddest expression. "What's the matter?" I asked her. "Tom," she said in a voice filled with distress(悲痛), "do you know something I don't?" "What do you mean?" "Well?that checkup(体检) I had several weeks ago?our doctor?did he tell you something about me?Tom, you've been so good to me?am I dying?" It took a m oment for it all to sink in. Then I burst out laughing. "No, honey," I said, wrapping her in my arms. "You're not dying; I'm just starting to liv e." 11. From the story we may infer that Tom drove to the beach cottage ________. A. with his family B. with Evelyn C. alone D. with his children 12. During the two weeks on the beach, Tom showed more love to his wife because _________. A. she looked lovely in her new clothes B. he had made a lot of money in his Wall Street firm C. he was determined to be a good husband D. she was seriously ill 13. The author says, "There was one thing that went wrong with my experiment. "What was the one thing that went wrong? A.He praised her sweater, which puzzled her. B. She insisted on visiting a museum, which he hated. C. He knew something about her illness but didn't tell her. D. He was so good to her that she thought she must be dying. 14. By saying "I'm just starting to live," Tom means that ________. A. he is just beginning to understand the real meaning of life B. he is just beginning to enjoy life as a loving husband C. he lived an unhappy l ife before and is now starting to change D. he is beginning to feel regret for what he did to his wife before III.短文改错 On one summer night, Henry was sleeping in his room when suddenly he woke up and sense d that something unusual. He looked out of the window and finding a store nearby on the street was in fire. He immediately shouts at the top of his voice “Fire! Fire! Help!” He phoned 119 at once and then went out to put out fire. But it was very big a fire that he couldn’t put it out by himself. Lucky enough, a lot of neighbours came out and soon firefighters arrived. The fire was finally put out and when the firefighters praised Henry his quick ation, he smiled, feeling


very pleased.

高二必修 5 Unit 5 自编习题(二) 一、 单词拼写: 1.First aid is a t________ form of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found. 2.You have three layers of skin which act as a b_______ against disease, poisons and the sun’s harmful rays. 3You can get burned by a v_________ of things. 4.It is __________ (至关重要的)to get the victim to the doctor or hospital at once. 5.The functions of your skin are very ___________(复杂的). 6. He slowed the bleeding by __________(应用,运用)pressure to the wounds. 7.The cool water stops the burning process, prevents the pain becoming __________ (难以忍受的) and reduces swelling. 8. John used these to ________(治疗)the most severe injuries to Ms Slade’s hands. 二、单项选择 1. He is very good at carpentering, though _______. A. he was very young B. very young C. he very young D. is very young 2. I will answer the teacher’s question when _______. A. I ask B. I will be asked C. asked D. I shall be asked 3. Fruit juice can be harmful _______ children’s teeth. A. for B. toward C. with D. to 4. My chest _____ when I take a deep breath, doctor. A. hurts B. wounds C.harms D. injure 5. The foreign teacher Mr. Halt has a strange way of writing. Here ’s a notice for him, but no clear_____ of what he has written can be made at all. A. explanation B. meaning C. sense D. idea 6. The fellow felt rather ____ as he was the only person that wore sportswear at the party. A. in place B. out of place C. by the way D. in the way 7. ______ on the snake led to his own death. A.The farmer’s taking pity B. The farmer taking C.The farmer took D.The farmer to take 8. Not until all the fish die in the river ____ how serious the pollution was. A.did the villagers realize B.the villagers realized C. the villagers realized D. didn’t the villagers realize 9. With the development of our country, more and more students ____ to university. A. admit to B. admitted to C. are admitted D. are admitted to 10. --- Brad was Jane’s brother! --- _____ he reminded me so much of Jane! A. No doubt B. Above all C. No wonder D. Of course 11. The flowers _____ sweet in the botanic garden attract the visitors to the beauty


of nature. A.to smell B. smelling C. smelt D to be smelt 三、阅读理解 There w as once a professor of medicine, who was very strict with the students. Whenever he took the chair on the exam committee(担任考试委员会主席), the students would be in fear, because he was seldom pleased with the answers they gave. A student would be lucky enough if he or she could receive a good mark from him. At the end of the term, the students of medicine would take their exam again. Now a student entered the exam room and got seated before the committee. This student was a little nervous as he knew it would not be so easy to get through the exam at all. The professor began to ask. The student was required to describe a certain illness, his description of which turned to(结果是)be OK. Then the professor asked about the cure (药剂) for illness, and the student, too, answered just as right. “Good,” said the professor, “and how much will you give the patient?” “A full spoon”, answered the student. “Now you may go out and wait for what you can get.”, said the professor. At the same time, the committee discussed carefully the answers the student had given. Suddenly the student noticed that there was something wrong with his last answer. “ A full spoon is too much,” he thought to himself. Anxiously he opened the door of the room and cried, “Mr Professor, I’ve make a mistake! A full spoon is too much for a patient. He can take only five drops.” “I’m sorry, sir.” Said the professor coldly, “But it’s too late. Your patient has died. ( ) 12. The students were afraid of the professor because _________. A. they often angered and disappointed him B. their answers often astonished him C. their answers seldom satisfied him D. he often misunderstood (误解) them and give them bad markers ( ) 13. The student’s description of the illness was _____. A. not correct B. not satisfied C. completely discouraging D. accepted. ( ) 14. Before he left the room the student was almost sure that ______. A. he had passed the exam, and the only thing was to wait for the mark B. his last answer was satisfying C. he had made a mistake D. he had not done well in the exam. ( ) 15. Which of the following is Not true? A. The patient will be in danger if he’s taken as much as a full spoon. B. The doctor will be in trouble if he’s given the patient a full spoon. C. Since one spoon is less than five drops, the patient will be all right soon if he takes only one full spoon at a time. D. If the patient wants to remain safe, he should take no more than five drops at a time. ( ) 16.Which guess is the most resonable from the passage? A. The student must have passed the exam.


B. The students may not have passed the exam. C. The student must have been very happy when he heard, “Yo ur patient has died.” D. The professor must have been very pleased and given the student a good mark.

高二必修 5 Unit 5 自编习题(一)答案

I. 单项选择(20 分) 1-5 D B B C D 2.阅读理解 11-14 DCDB 3.改错 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 去掉 on。在某一个夏日的夜晚表达为 one summer night,前不用介词。 去掉 that. that 后加一个句子。 finding 改为 found。因为与 looked 并列。 in 改为 on. be on fire 意思是“在着火” shouts 改为 shouted。时态一致。 fire 前加 the. 特指上文出现的火灾。 very 改为 so 意为“如此---以至于---” lucky 改为 luckily 作状语,用副词形式 正确 his 后加 for praise sb. for 意为因为某事表扬某人 高二必修 5 Unit 5 自编习题(二)答案 6-10 B A B D D

一.单词拼写 (10 分) 36. temporary 37. barrier 38. ceremony 39. variety 40. squeezing

41. vital

42. complex ACCB

43. applying

44. unbearable

45. treat

二 1-11.BC .DACBA 三 12-16CDACB



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