2019-2020学年高中英语 unit1 A land of diversity单元检测题 新人教版选修8.doc.doc

2019-2020 学年高中英语 unit1 A land of diversity 单元检测题 新 人教版选修 8
Ⅰ.阅读理解 A American culture is unique because it is formed and developed under certain conditions. The major factors contributing to the making of this flew nation and the forming of a new culture are the hard environment, ethnic diversity (多民族) and plural religion, which is quite different from other nations in the world. What is more, these elements are still influencing the American culture. The early immigrants who were English Puritans settled down in northeast part of America. From 1607 to 1892, frontiers were pushed further west. The frontiersmen looked for a land of rich resources and a land of promise, opportunity and freedom. Actually they looked for a better life. So individualism (个人主义), self?reliance, and equality of opportunity have perhaps been the values most closely associated with the frontier heritage (遗产) of America. In history, people from different countries in the world rushed to America three times. They brought their own culture to America and later on, different cultures were mixed together. Thus the unique American culture is formed, a common cultural life with commonly shared values. The fundamental American belief in individual freedom and the fight of individuals to practice their own religion is at the center of religious experience in the United States. The great diversity of ethnic backgrounds has produced religious pluralism; almost all of the religions of the world are now practiced in the United States. Nowadays, we can see the continual influence of the three elements in the current American society. American family is typically parents and their unmarried children. Middle?aged and elderly people generally do not live with their married children. The people in America have a very strong desire to start a new life in a new place. Quite a number of people change residences every year. The average American moves fourteen times in his lifetime. 语篇解读: 这是一篇议论兼说明的文章, 向我们说明了美国历史上独特文化形成的原因。 1.We can learn from this article that ________. A.the frontiersmen left important society values for American culture

B.the early immigrants brought about the unique American culture C.people in the world once rushed to America because of its unique culture D.the American family members don’t get along well with each other 解析:选 A 细节理解题。由第二段的叙述尤其是最后一句可知,美国的早期移民为美 国 文 化 留 下 了 包 括 “individualism ( 个 人 主 义 ), self?reliance, and equality of opportunity”在内的社会价值观(society values)。故选 A。 2.What’s the author’s attitude towards American culture? A.He is critical of it. B.He admires it very much. C.He just states the facts. D.He looks down upon it. 解析:选 C 作者态度题。纵观全文可以看出,作者只是客观地叙述了美国独特的文化 形成的原因、背景,以及当今影响美国文化的三大因素等,并没有对此作出评论,故选 C。 3.The last paragraph is about ________. A.the family structure in American society B.the influence of the three elements in the current American society C.the new life style of American family D.the reason why American people like to change residences 解析:选 B 段落大意题。在该段中,第一句是该段的中心句,全段围绕该句向我们介 绍了影响当今美国社会的三大因素。故选 B。 4.What might be the most suitable title of this article? A.The Immigrants in America B.Why American Culture is Unique C.The Influence of American Culture D.Plural Religion and American Culture 解析:选 B 主旨大意题。纵观全文可以看出,文章开篇点题,第一句告诉了文章的主 题:American culture is unique because it is formed and developed under certain conditions.然后全文围绕这一主题展开论述,向我们讲述美国独特文化形成的原因。故选 B。 B The USA just endured its hottest summer in 75 years and the second?hottest summer on record, according to data released Thursday afternoon by the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. The average US temperature during the summer of 2011 was 74.5 degrees, which

was 2.4 degrees above the long?term (1901?2000) average. Only the Dust Bowl (沙 尘暴) year of 1936, at 74.6 degrees, was warmer. Four states — Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana — had their warmest summer ever recorded, the climate center also reported. BLOG: Report links extreme weather events to global warming. Average temperatures for the summer in Texas and Oklahoma, at 86.8 degrees and 86.5 degrees, respectively, exceeded the previous statewide average temperature record for any state during any season. Texas also suffered through its driest summer on record. The state is in the midst of its worst drought since the 1950s. More than 81% of the state is listed as experiencing extreme drought, the worst category, according to Thursday’s US Drought Monitor. The drought monitor also reported that a third of the contiguous USA is currently in a drought. A total of 15 states in the South and East sweltered (闷热) through one of their top 10 warmest summers on record. “Based on a government index using residential energy demand as an indicator of temperature,” the contiguous US temperature — related energy demand was 22.3% above average during summer, the climate center noted in an online report. “This is the largest such value during the index’s period of record, which dates to 1895.” On the other side, two states — Oregon and Washington — had a cooler than average summer, while California had its wettest summer on record. US climate data go back to 1895. The climate center defines summer as June 1?Aug. 31. It will release global temperature data for the summer of 2011 next week. 语篇解读:文章对美国 2011 年夏天的气候进行了报道,是 75 年来最热的夏天,也是历 史以来第二次最热的夏天。 5.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.The weather in the summer of 1936 was cooler than this summer in the USA. B.The weather in the USA this summer is the second?hottest one on record. C.The average US temperature during the summer of 2011 is below the long?term (1901?2000) average. D.The extreme weather has nothing to do with global warming. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。从文章第一段的“The USA just endured its hottest summer in 75 years and the second?hottest summer on record”看出答案。

6.What does the underlined word mean in the fifth paragraph? A.Less than. C.More than. B.Quicker than. D.Better than.

解析:选 C 词义猜测题。根据第二段的“The average US temperature during the summer of 2011 was 74.5 degrees”和第五段的“Average temperatures for the summer in Texas and Oklahoma, at 86.8 degrees and 86.5 degrees”看出答案。 7.How many warmest summers on record have a total of 15 states in the South and East sweltered through? A.One C.Nine B.Eleven. D.Ten.

解析:选 D 细节理解题。从文章第八段的“A total of 15 states in the South and East sweltered (闷热) through one of their top 10 warmest summers on record.”看 出答案。 8.What’s the main idea of the passage? A.Something about the weather in the USA this summer. B.It is the hottest summer in the USA on record. C.Global warming influencing on the weather in the USA. D.It is the driest summer in the USA this summer. 解析:选 A 主旨大意题。文章的第一段“The USA just endured its hottest summer in 75 years and the second?hottest summer on record”点出主题。 C The American education system is unusual in that it allows students to transfer from one school to another. Deciding to transfer is a very important decision to make during your college career. If you are thinking about transferring, here is some information you should have to get started on the progress. The most common reasons for transferring are: 1.Moving from a two?year community college to a four?year college/university Community Colleges are designed to be transfer schools and offer only the first two years of undergraduate (本科) study. Their graduates often go on to do the last two years of a bachelor’s degree at another school. Many students choose such an approach to their university education. Community college tuition is low, though many community colleges offer great educations. 2.Getting into a better school

For those students who want a second try at their dream schools or for those who simply want to trade up, transferring after their freshman or sophomore (二 年级) year might be an option (选择). It’s much easier to get into selective schools as a sophomore/junior than as a freshman. 3.Majors Given that US schools generally only require students to declare their majors in their sophomore year, sometimes students do not realize their preferred majors are unavailable at their schools until they’ve attended classes for a full year. Students transferring for this reason are best advised to research which schools are highly respected in their preferred majors before making their transfer choice. Keep in mind that some credits ( 学分 ) may not be transferable. If you are transferring from a two?year school to a four?year school, you may be required to retake course that you have already completed at the community college.Furthermore, some schools require you to complete a minimum number of credits at your new school before you can graduate (usually 60 credits or two years of coursework). This may delay your graduation date. 语篇解读:全文介绍了在美国上大学期间可以转学,不过要深思熟虑。 9.Why is the American education system special? A.Because it permits students to change from one school to another. B.Because it provides high education. C.Because its tuition is low. D.Because college only takes two years’ time. 解析: 选 A 细节理解题。 从文章的第一段“The American education system is unusual in that it allows students to transfer from one school to another.”找到答案。 10.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? A.Community college tuition is not high. B.It’s not hard to get into selective schools as a sophomore than as a freshman. C.Students had known their preferred majors are available at their schools before they attended classes. D.Some schools ask you to complete a minimum number of credits at your new school before you can graduate. 解析:选 C 细节理解题。从文章的第四段的“Community college tuition is low” 可找到 A 项;从文章的第五段的“It’s much easier to get into selective schools as a sophomore/junior than as a freshman.”可找到 B 项;从文章的第六段的“students do

not realize their preferred majors are unavailable at their schools until they’ ve attended classes for a full year”看出 C 项不正确;根据文章最后一段可知 D 项正 确。 11.What does the last paragraph mean? A.Some credits may not be transferable. B.Some credits may be transferable. C.When you go to a new school, you needn’t retake course. D.If you transfer, your graduate date may be delayed. 解析:选 A 主旨大意题。“Keep in mind that some credits (学分) may not be

transferable.”是这一段的主题句。 12.What’s the main idea of the passage? A.The tips of transferring. B.Think hard before you change schools. C.The American education system. D.Deciding to transfer is very important during your college career. 解析:选 B 主旨大意题。全文在说在美国上大学期间可以转学,不过要深思熟虑。故 选 B 项。 D Neil Kerwin became American University’s (AU) 14th president in September 2007. Kerwin joined AU in 1975 and has held numerous department and leadership positions, including head of the School of Public Affairs. In this interview, he speaks about developing leadership among AU students and inspiring them to public service and the lessons he has learned as the president of American University. “The longer I do this kind of work, the clearer it is to me that leadership is a collective activity. This happens here at American University hundreds of times every day at every level of the doing and managing hard work to reach those goals. Simply, leadership cannot be the field or responsibility of one person or a small group at the top. At its best, it is up to the organization.” “A president’s role is to make that clear, ensure it happens, and provide space, ideas, encouragement and acknowledgment of accomplishments. Vision (有远 见卓识) is important, but one that colleagues have not contributed to or are not widely shared will not serve the purpose. I have also learned delegation (授权) is

also important to success and that it is a process of constant adjustment, not a single act. No one is perfect in the work we do, and by recognizing this, you’ re developing a healthy culture that supports reform. And, of course, none of this relieves the president of most responsibility for the institution, and the need to be clearly and visibly accountable.” “Another lesson is that crises (危机) assume a life of their own. They are a great time to learn and a bad time to plan. It is when times are good and stable that you need to examine the things that are of the greatest risk to your organization in the long term. As a leader, you must be able to provide the energy and motivation among your employees to ask these difficult questions, because difficult times will come.” 语篇解读:这是一篇说明文。Neil Kerwin 作为美国大学的校长在采访中谈到了他对领 导力的理解以及他在担任校长期间所获得的教训。 13.According to Neil Kerwin, leadership mainly depends on ________. A.the president himself B.students in the university C.small group at the top D.the organization itself 解析:选 D 细 节 理 解 题 。 根 据 第 二 段 的 “At its best, it is up to the

organization.”可知领导力是依靠于它组织本身。 14.In the third paragraph, “it” means ________. A.the management C.the responsibility B.the leadership D.the institution

解析:选 B 指代判断题。 因为在第二段校长就提到的领导能力的问题,在根据第三 段的“A president’s role is to make that clear”可知此处的“it”指的是“领导能 力”。 15.What does the passage mainly tell us about? A.The lessons Neil learned in University. B.The difficulty Neil has in his office. C.Neil’s opinion on leadership. D.Neil’s motivation and organization. 解析:选 C 主旨大意题。 文章主要介绍了美国大学的校长 Neil Kerwin 在采访中谈 到了他对领导力的理解以及他在担任校长期间所获得的教训。故选 C。 Ⅱ.任务型阅读

Life in ancient Rome City and country life Roman cities were very modern places, the center of which was a large open space surrounded by markets, baths, arenas (竞技场) and other public buildings. Life in the countryside was more relaxed. __16__ They usually planted crops and raised animals, but sometimes they also fought in the army. The Roman family Head of the Roman family was the oldest male. He controlled the whole household and had absolute power over all the members of his family. In the upper classes, slaves and servants also lived with a family. __17__ Many rich Romans arranged marriages for their children so they could stay in the higher classes and keep their influence and power. __18__ Citizens of Rome wore a tunic, a piece of loose clothing that fell down to the knees. On special occasions they were allowed to wear a toga, a beautiful piece of white clothing that was wrapped (缠绕) around their body. Women wore tunics and later on stolas, which reached down to their feet. And they even experimented in dyeing (染色) their hair. Leisure (休闲) time Bath houses were the center of Roman leisure life. Men and women often got together in separate bath houses. __19__ People of all social classes got together in such public bath houses. Going to a bath was a symbol of being purer and better than others. Education During the early centuries of ancient Rome children were mostly taught at home by their parents. Fathers taught their sons how to read and write. __20__ Later on, rich Romans started sending their children to school. There they learned to read, write and solve mathematical problems. A.Dressing styles B.Food and clothes C.Romans often married for political reasons. D.The population was mainly made up of farmers. E.Mothers showed their daughters how to do housework. F.Older students studied Greek language, literature and even politics.

G.There they could relax, exercise, get massages and have a chat. 答案:16~20 D Ⅲ.完形填空 I used to believe in the American Dream, which meant a job, a mortgage (按揭), credit cards, success.I wanted it and worked toward it like everyone else, all of us __21__ chasing the same thing. One year, through a series of unhappy events, it all fell __22__.I found myself homeless and alone.I had my truck and $56.I __23__ the countryside for some place I could rent for the __24__ possible amount.I came upon a shabby house four miles up a winding mountain road __25__ the Potomac River in West Virginia.It was __26__, full of broken glass and rubbish.I found the owner, rented it, and __27__ a corner to camp in. The locals knew nothing about me, __28__ slowly, they started teaching me the __29__ of being a neighbor.They dropped off blankets, candles, and tools, and began __30__ around to chat.They started to teach me a belief in a __31__ American Dream -not the one of individual achievement but of __32__. What I had believed in, all those things I thought were __33__ for a civilized life, were nonexistent in this place.__34__ on the mountain, my most valuable possessions were my __35__ with my neighbors. Four years later, I moved back into __36__.I saw many people were having a really hard time, __37__ their jobs and homes.I managed to rent a big enough house to __38__ a handful of people. There are four of us now in the house, but over time I’ve had nine people come in and move on to other places.We’d all be in __39__ if we hadn’t banded together. The American Dream I believe in now is a shared one.It’s not so much about what I can get for myself; it’s about __40__ we can all get by together. 语篇解读: 每个人都有自己的梦想, 作者通过亲身经历认识到自己心中的美国梦不应该 是孤立的、自私的一己之梦,而是建立在大家一起努力的集体力量之上的共同的梦。 21.A.separately C.violently B.equally D.naturally C A G E

解析: 选 A 根据第三段中的“individual”可知应选 separately, 表示每个人都在各 自追求同样的事情。 22.A.off C.over B.apart D.out

解析:选 B 根据本段内容可知,作者的梦想破碎了。fall apart 表示“破裂;破碎”, 符合语境。fall over“被……绊倒”;fall off“减少;下降”;fall out“争吵;掉落、 脱落;解散”。 23.A.crossed C.toured B.left D.searched

解析:选 D search ... for ...表示“在……寻找……”,符合语境。 24.A.fullest C.fairest B.largest D.cheapest

解析:选 D 根据上文内容可知,作者身上只剩下 56 美元,因此他会租最便宜的房子。 25.A.at C.over B.through D.round

解析:选 C 蜿蜒的山路应该是在河的对岸,故此处用介词 over。 26.A.occupied C.emptied B.abandoned D.robbed

解析: 选 B 根据句中对房子的描写可知它已经好久没有人住了, 因此选 abandoned“废 弃的”。 27.A.turned C.cleared 解析:选 C B.approached D.cut 因为房子里到处都是碎玻璃和垃圾,因此作者清理了一个角落安身。

clear“清除;清理”,符合语境。 28.A.but C.otherwise B.although D.for

解析:选 A 当地人一点儿都不了解作者,但是渐渐地他们开始教作者做邻居的技巧。 空处前后为转折关系,因此选 but。 29.A.benefit C.nature B.lesson D.art

解析:选 D 根据文章后面的内容可知,作者从邻居那儿学到了做邻居的技巧,因此选 D。 30.A.sticking C.swinging B.looking D.turning

解析:选 A stick around 表示“逗留”,符合语境。 31.A.wild C.different 解析:选 C B.real D.remote 根据句中破折号后面的内容可知,此处表示一个不同的美国梦,因此选

different。 32.A.neighborliness C.friendliness 解析:选 A B.happiness D.kindness

根 据 第 三 段 第 一 句 中 的 “neighbor” 和 文 章 的 中 心 可 知 应 选

neighborliness,与本句中的 individual 形成对比。 33.A.unique C.rare B.expensive D.necessary

解析:选 D 我原本认为的一切对于舒适的生活来说都是必需的东西在这里却找不到踪 影,因此选 necessary,与句中的“nonexistent”相对应。 34.A.Up C.Deep B.Down D.Along

解析:选 A 根据第二段中的“four miles up a winding mountain road”可知作者 是在山上,因此选 up。 35.A.cooperation C.satisfaction B.relationships D.appointments

解析:选 B 与邻居之间的关系是作者最大的财富,故选 relationships。 36.A.reality C.town B.society D.life

解析:选 C 选 town,与上文第二段中的“countryside”相呼应。 37.A.creating C.quitting B.losing D.offering

解析:选 B 根据句中的“having a really hard time”可知他们失去了工作和住所, 因此选 losing。 38.A.put in C.take in B.turn in D.get in

解析:选 C take in“收留”,符合语境。 39.A.yards C.camps B.shelters D.cottages

解析: 选 B 如果不是大家齐心协力, 那么我们都将会栖身于收容所, 因此选 shelters。 40.A.when C.whether B.what D.how

解析:选 D 本句点明中心:美国梦不是关于一个人能够获得什么,而是关于大家如何 一起渡过难关。注意从句中 get by 为固定搭配,意为“设法对付;勉强度日”。 Ⅳ.语法填空

Today, after finishing dinner in town, my husband and I were driving back home. As we pulled over, we saw a couple __41__ (paint) their furniture. I went inside our home, __42__ (change), and then went back out again to ask our neighbors if they needed any help. While leaving my home, I was plagued (困 扰) by thoughts of __43__ (embarrass), denial, or __44__ (receive) but looked down on skeptically. However, I gathered the courage to go down and ask __45__ anyway! Initially, the woman __46__ (deny). Then, the man said, “Sure”, and he handed me a spray paint bottle. We got into some good conversations __47__ painting with great effort. When we finished, I briefly chatted with them before leaving. In the end, not only did I enjoy helping them, but also learned about my neighbors. __48__ the way home, I must admit I couldn’t help but wonder __49__ they might be thinking about me. It is tough to do a good deed for others and not expect that they will be thinking good about you. Today’s experience taught me some __50__ (value) lessons in my life! Hopefully, these lessons will help me continue my acts of kindness in future. 41._________42._________43._________44._________ 45._________46._________47._________48._________ 49._________50._________ 答案:41.painting 42.changed 43.embarrassment 44.being received 45.them 46.denied 48.On 49.what Ⅴ.短文改错 Dear Ms. Tailor, Football is my favourite sport. When it is comes to football, I always have much to saying. Last week, I quarreled with my mother about if I could play football with my classmates at weekends. My mother holds the view strong that I should devote all my spare time to study all the subjects well. In my opinion, only when I try my best to study I be able to be admitted to a university. But I really can’t accept her view. As far as I’m concerned, playing football not only build up my strength and also makes me full of energy every day. Could you give me some advices on how to persuade my mother to allow me to play football at weekends? Yours, Jim 答案:第二句: 去掉 is; saying → say 50.valuable 47.when/while

第三句: if → whether 第四句: strong → strongly; study → studying 第五句: my → her; study 后加 will 第七句: build →builds; and → but 第八句: advices → advice Ⅵ.书面表达 假设你是李华,你生活的城市山东省肥城市是国家级园林城市。为扩大知名度,你打算 在互联网上对其进行宣传。请根据下表提供的信息用英语写一篇短文介绍自己的家乡。 概况: 1.地处泰山脚下,占地约 1 277 平方千米,人口约 100 万; 2.历史悠久,矿产资源丰富; 3.环境优美,公园众多(如范蠡公园、白云山公园等); 4.经济发展迅速,人民生活幸福,竞争力不断提高。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 参考词汇:国家级园林城市 national garden city 参考范文: Located at the foot of Mount Tai, our city Feicheng covers an area of 1,277 square kilometers or so and about one million people are living in it. With a long history, it is rich in mineral resources. What’s more, being a national garden city, the environment of it is very beautiful. For example, there are many attractive parks in our city, such as Fanli Park and the Park of Baiyun Mountain. In the free time, especially during the holidays, a lot of citizens as well as tourists often travel there to relax and enjoy themselves. Much to our delight, with the fast development of economy, not only are people living a happy life, but its competitive power is also much stronger than before. I am convinced that our city will become a more and more beautiful place to live in.


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