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The higher education in China

In the past 30 years , China’s economy has being developing like a high-speed train.


With the increasing of the income, more and more people wish to gain higher education to improve the life quality.

The government built more colleges and universities to give people an access to higher education.

Current situation of graduate education

Major problem

Exam-oriented education

Industrialization of education. high cost of education

Exam-oriented education
Exam-oriented education is a big problem for China's education. Schools pay more attention to the score of students rather than the ability of students because of the College Entrance Examination. Exam-oriented education leads schools teaching students same as factories produce products. Students spend a lot of time learn new knowledge and answer questions every day, rest of the time they always used to entertainment to relieve stress. They lack practice, sometimes they even divorced from the reality.

Industrialization of Education
Industrialization of Education has let more Chinese people have access to education, but now they become a problem for Chinese Education. They make the school think more about how to expand their visibility and how to make money,rather than how to educate the best students..

high cost of education
? high cost of education that let many families miserable. The corruption of education is everywhere: some school’s staffs more than teachers; some teachers collect student bribes; some schools sell degree

High employment rate

Academic fraud

High employment rate
? most of the college students are unemployed when they graduate . Owing to great employment pressure and large unemployment rate , a large number of people no longer trust in higher education . Consequently , it is difficult to improve the quality of people depending only on the existing educational system .

Academic fraud
? We can say without exaggeration that with the universal application of internet during the study , graduation thesis is just a touch of keyboard . Therefore , there is so much academic fraud in the campus. ? Academic is no longer the center in the life of students.

–How to solve the problem?

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