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Unit 4 Global Warming

Step1: Lead-in (Earth Song—by M.J.) Now, our home -- the earth is facing many terrible problems…

Which is the main topicthethis unit? What is happening to in earth? water warming? air pollution is globalpollution flood What
What caused global warming?

What can we do about global warming?


global warming too many

trees are cut down = deforestation

hot ! !

Learning & teaching aims:
1. To develop some reading abilities. 2. To learn some key words and phrases. 3. To develop the sense of environmental protection.

Step2: Check Your Preview (key words) 1. fossil fuels 1.化石燃料 2. byproduct 2.副产品?
4.温室气体 5.甲烷,沼气? 6.自然现象

3. greenhouse effect 4. greenhouse gases? 5. methane n. 6. natural phenomenon

Step2: Check Your Preview (useful pharses) 1. come about 1.发生; 造成 2. quantities of 2.大量的 3.上升; 增长; 升起 3. go up 4. result in 4.导致 5. subscribe to 5.同意; 赞成; 订购 6.反对…… 6. be opposed to 7.增加,聚集 7. build up ? 8.继续 8. keep on

Step3: Pre-reading
Guess from the title and the two graphs: What may be talked about in the passage? A. The cause of the global warming B. The phenomenon of the global warming C. It doesn’t matter that the earth is becoming warmer D. Both A and B

Step4: Fast Reading (for main idea)
a. two different attitudes 1) Part1many paragraphs does the reading How towards global warming (Para__ ) 1 text consist of? Please number them. 2) Part 2 a division of b. whether people should do Make the text. (Para__to _ ) 2 5 sth. about global warming Part 3 (Para__ ) 6 Part 4 (Para__ ) 7 c. an introduction of global warming d. How global warming comes about?

Step5: Careful Reading (for detailed information)
Part1 (Para.1): an introduction

1.Who wrote the magazine article? Sophie Armstrong
2. What is the name of the magazine? Earth Care 3. What’s the meaning of the word “explore” in Line.4? A. to examine a problem carefully. B. to answer a problem C. to visit somewhere

Part2 (Para.2-5): the cause of global warming

Read part 2 carefully and answer: What is the cause of global warming? human activity burning of fossil fuels ______

__________ gases aWho is phenomenon the global warming? natural to blame for greenhouse greenhouse effect called________________ are produced Human activity? Or natural phenomenon? trap ____ heat from the sun The earth is ________ warmed

Part3 (Para.6): two different attitudes

Bad effects
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. the sea level to rise pessimistic 2. severe storms 风暴 3. floods 4. droughts 干旱 5. famines 饥荒 6. the spread of disease 7. the disappearance of species

Good effects 1. make plants grow optimistic faster 2. crops will produce more 庄稼产量更高 3. a greater range of animals 物种的丰富 4. make life better

Janice Foster

George Hambley

Part4 (Para.7): Does it matter?

1. Do they draw a conclusion at last?

2. The writer probably thinks ________. A. It matters. B. It doesn’t matter.

Step6: Post-reading (organization)

How does the writer write the passage? Body Introduction Conclusion II Para. 2-5 I IV Para. 1 Para. 7

Para. 6

Replace the underlined expressions with the words, Step6: Post-reading (consolidation) phrases and patterns we have learned in the passage. It is certain that There is no doubtthat the earth is becoming warmer, but there are some very different attitudes towards the effects of global warming. Some people think that if global temperature keeps on continues going up, it would be a catastrophe . Global disaster warming would result to a rise in sea level; others predict lead in weather climate changes like severe storms, droughts, famines, heat waves, and heavy snowstorms, famines, the spread of diseases, and the disappearance of species. On the other hand, there are those who believe more carbon dioxide is actually a positive thing. It will make good greater variety plants grow faster; and encourage a greater range ofof animals.

Step7: Watching and discussing
1. What does the video want to tell us? 2. According to what we have learned today, what cause global warming? 3. What should we do about global warming?

plastic bag

paper bag

switch off

Save our earth, save ourselves
The video wants to tell us that the earth is getting
________________, and when we feel it, ____________. People’s activities are the main cause. _____________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ What should we do? As far as I’m concerned, _______ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________.


? Try to retell the passage after class.

? Prepare for language points.

The green world will return to us!


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