新课标高中英语词汇三大趋势 一、纲内词汇的词类转换与派生
初中英语1000个基础词:agree 高中英语2500个提高词:agreement

初中英语1000个基础词:clothes 高中英语2500个提高词:clothing,garment

初中英语1000个基础词: beautiful,sweet 高中英语2500个提高词:attractive,fair,handsome pretty


1、 各题型均在语境中考查词汇。


3、 其他题型对词汇的考查较为间接。


1. 词汇学习方法单一,大多习惯于背词汇表。 2. 不善于区分重点词汇和非重点词汇,平均用力。 3. 过于依赖中文释义理解词义。 4. 不善于通过语境猜测词义。 5. 词汇运用能力欠缺。 6. 对听说读写对词汇的巩固和强化作用认识不清。


词汇教学的内容除了发音、拼写和词义,还应了 解词汇的下列知识: 1. 语法和句法特征; 2. 与其他词汇形成的关系网; 3. 词形变化及派生形式; 4. 不同功能及在不同语境中的意义; 5. 搭配; 6. 联想关系和语用特征; 7. 有一个词义还是多个词义。



分级对待 分类处理 纵横结合


1. 纵向复习---词汇分级 高频热词的复习: 基本要求:识记并熟练运用 复习方法:通过话题复习, 针对书面表达
实例分享: 中学生的爱好和兴趣
以travel为中心词 动词短语35个高频动词


? 低频词的复习:
? 基本要求:识记意义, 掌握基本用法 ? 复习方法: 单独识记 借助阅读文本进行识记 实例分享: 以字母a 开头的低频词 appeal to
advocate doing

? 熟词的复习:
? 基本要求:掌握词汇内涵 关注衍生意义

结合词典上的例句复习 进行对比练习

缩写词与两种拼法的同义词 设置小语篇巩固


? ? ? ? ? ?

按社会热点分类 按词汇派生分类,联系拓展形成单词网络 按功能意念分类 按类别词汇分类 按同\近义词分类 实例分享


四、高三词汇复习课建议 “Teaching Senior Three students is not just about telling the students the usage of the key words often tested on tests according to the dictionary entries. It is not just about telling grammar rules and then flooding them with endless exercises. It is not just about preparing them for the College Entrance Examination. It is about motivating them to use words properly in meaningful language situations by providing them with opportunities. It is about helping students promote their comprehensive language competence. ”





Thanks for your attention .

spare time; favorite; interest; hobby; appetite; taste; read novels; play football/basketball; surf the internet; chat online; play games; collect stamps; make e-friends; watch TV; enjoy popular music; be interested in; develop an interest in; be fond of; be keen on; have love for; have a taste in…


baggage; luggage; travel plan; journey; trip; scene; energy; places of interest; around the world; well-known; interesting; excited; transportation; pack…

? 动词短语35个高频动词:
ask,break,bring, call, carry, catch, come, do

, find, get,give,go,have,help,hold,keep,
leave,let,look,make, prefer, put, run, see,
send, set, show,speak,stand,take,talk,tell, think,turn,work。


以Break为中心的动词短语 Break away from (逃离;远离) Break down(出故障;失败;身体垮掉) Break into(闯入) Break out(爆发;发生) Break off(打断;断绝;突然终止) Break through(克服;突破) Break up(分解;结束;解散;分手)


以Bring 为中心的动词短语
Bring about(导致;引起) Bring back(带回;使回忆) Bring down(使下降;击落) Bring forward(提出; 提前) Bring in(把....引进;挣得(收入) Bring on(引起;使发展) Bring out(出版;显现) Bring up(养育;抚养)


Break out(发生;爆发) Call out(召唤) Come out(出来;出版) Cut out(切下) Give out(分发;公布) Keep out(使.... 不入内) Look out(当心;提防) Pull out(驶出;驶离) Send out (发出) Bring out(出版) Carry out(贯彻;执行) Work out(锻炼) Go out(熄灭) Hold out (伸出;坚持) Leave out(省去) Pick out (辨别出) Put out(拿出;扑灭) Figure out(算出;理解)


低频词的复习 ?absorb: ? be -ed in ?abundant: ? be ~ in ?access: ? have ~ to ?accuse: ? ~ sb of doing sth ?adapt: ? ~ (oneself)to sth ?adjust: ? ~ sth to sth ?advocate: ? ~ doing sth ?afford: ?~ to do sth ?appeal: ? ~ to ?approve: ? ~ of sb doing sth ?attach: ? ~ sth to sth ?attempt: ? ~ to do ?available: ? be ~ to ?average: ? on(an/the) ~ ?avoid: ? ~ doing ?aware: ? be ~ of


? Why does the author give a detailed description of a particular picture in the Sunday newspaper? ? A. To create an atmosphere of fear and depression brought by the tornado. ? B. To appeal to unconcerned people to donate for

the poor families.
? C. To show the helplessness and hopelessness of the family mentioned in the paper. ? D. To stress what touched her and made her decide to help the hopeless family.

? 43. Which of the following is NOT the purpose of the reports published by IPSO? ? A.To appeal to world governments to halt CO2 increase at 450ppm. ? B. To tell us that the ocean is bearing the pressure of human-induced changes to our planet. ? C. To ask the governments to carry out new measures for the sustainable fishing in the high oceans. ? D. To advise the governments to make a priority list for tackling the key groups of chemicals that cause most

The author wants to appeal to ______

? 54. The writer’s purpose for writing this article is to_____ __. A. complain about problems in school education B. teach students different strategies for school life C. advocate teaching conflict management in schools D. inform teachers of the latest studies on school violence

? 如:observe这个单词在牛津高阶词典上的例句为: 1)The police observed a man enter the bank. (注意到) 2)All the characters in the novel are closely observed. (seem like people in real life.栩栩如生) 3)They observed how the parts of the machine fitted together. (观看) 4)She observed that it was getting late. (说话、评论) 5)Will the rebels observe the ceasefire? (遵守) 6)Do they observe Christmas? (庆祝)


? sight,sign,view,scene,scenery

1)The school was built on a hill, so we had a very wonderful _______ from the top. ( scene/sight/sign/view) 2)The best part of the trip was the ________. It’s fantastic. (scenery/view/sight/scene) 3)The practice of hanging clothes across the street is a common _______ in many parts of the city. (sign/sight/appearance)


? 熟词的复习:一词多义(熟词生义):

abstract n. account n. act n.

adj. 抽象的 n. 陈述;理由;vi. 报帐,说明(原因等 ) n. 行动;条例;幕;v. 行动;表演;做 事

2.帐( 目) 3.法令


cell n. chain n

单人小室 ;3.电池
一连串,一系列; 连锁店; (复数) 镣


性质,特性; 人物,角色 ;文字,字


? 熟词的复习:一词多义(熟词生义):

(bear can content fair fall fine flat fly kind lie make match mine miss park patient present prey will)


? 熟词的复习:一词多义(熟词生义):

bear v. 1. 承受,负担 ; 2.忍受,容忍; 3. 生育 ; 4. 带有,怀有

Bear 小句分享

I don’t feel very well. I can’t bear this weather.(忍 Because of the love she bore him , she would have faced any danger.(怀有)

His shoulders can bear heavy load.(承担 ) She had born many children.(生育)

? 熟词的复习:一词多义(熟词生义):

Empty the contents of your purse. (里面的东西) So long as you make happy I am content. (满意的) The cozy fire and good company contented him. (使满意)

A boy is not a match for a man .(对手) Here is a box of matches for lighting the fire.(火柴)

When it comes to watches, I wouldn’t buy any other make. (型号)

缩写词与两种拼法的同义词 Ad=advertisement exam= examination gym=gymnasium Lab=laboratory pop= popular mm=millimeter Tyre=tire Eg. We went to the school gymnasium to play. This is a tiny transparent pill, about 20 millimetres long.


? 语篇巩固: ? My people contributed money to the poor boy, which contributed to his returning to school. A writer wrote a story about it and contributed it to a newspaper.
? Yesterday, Mary and I went picnic, it’s not fine at all as there is fine rain all day long. To make things worse, on the way back home, we got fined by the traffic police because of speeding.

? 按社会热点分类
? 原则:开拓视野,为阅读理解服务 ? 如大纲中以a开头的科技词汇:
access; accurate; active; advance; advantage; amount; analyze; analysis; angle; application; apply; approach; approximately; architecture; arrange; aspect; assess; astronomy; atmosphere; atom; attach; attract; attraction; attractive; automatic; automatically



objection objective


v. oppose v. disagree prep. Be against



object to

名词: 1. 对象、宾语 2. 目标、目的 3. 物体 动词: 1. 反对、反抗 2. 讨厌

pay attention to lead to look forward to devote to contribute to be used to be accustomed to adapt to


appeal to, attract, be fond of, care for, enjoy, fall in love, fancy, keen on, like, love

Dear Anna,

It was great to hear from you after so many years. I’m eager to tell you that I have a boyfriend called Tom. We’ve known each other for three years. I quite liked (喜欢) Tom when we first met, but I didn’t fancy (倾慕) him at all. He invited me out and I really enjoyed (享受) spending time with him. I was attracted (吸引) by his stories of his travels around the world. Moreover, we were both very keen on (热衷) sailing. Soon I realised I had fallen in love (爱上) with him. His sense of humour really appealed to (吸引) me. Now, three years later I absolutely adore (爱慕) him. He’s a very caring (关心别人的) person, fond of (喜爱) animals and small children. He’s always loving (满怀爱意的) towards me and the people he cares for (关心). I hope we’ll worship (爱慕) each other as much as we do now. Do write again soon and tell me about how you are! Love Jude

看:gaze, glance, glimpse, look, notice, observe, peer, see, stare, witness Yesterday I glanced (匆匆一看) out of the window and noticed (注意到) a man observing (观察) a house opposite through a telescope. I thought I glimpsed (瞥见) a woman inside the house. Then I saw (看见) someone else peering ( 仔细看) into the window of the same house. I gazed (凝视) at them wondering what they were doing. Suddenly the first man stopped staring (注视) through his telescope. He went and hit the other one on the head with the telescope and I realized that I had witnessed (目击) a crime.

第一组 动词、强调其动作性 He raised his glass to Mr Jackson ! Cheers!(干杯) Your visit has cheered up the sick man .(使高兴)
We give three cheers for the boy who won the game.(喝彩)

We cheered as he neared finish line.(欢呼)

We always have a shower after a game of football. He showered quickly before he got dressed.(洗淋浴)

Good wishes were showered on the bride.(倾注到)
It started to shower. I'm sure to get wet.(下阵雨)

第二组 形容词中描写正面和褒义的,反面或贬义的

A bright girl learns quickly.(聪明的) Everybody was bright at the party.(欢快的) Children in bright coloured dresses played on the ground. (鲜艳的) It was rude of you to interrupt that lady when she was speaking.(粗鲁的) People of Stone Age used rude tools. (简陋粗糙的)





I. She came bustling out, wiping her hands on her apron 2. She was wearing a navy blue skirt and White blouse. 3. He was wearing riding pants, high boots and spurs 4. The nurse wore a pleated (打褶的) cap on her head. 5. Food here is cheaper than in Britain; clothing, on the other hand, is dearer. (shirt、skirt、sleeve、garment、socks、towel、. uniforms.、vest、underpants....



1.It is the alcohol in drink makes people drunk. 2. Bacon is salted or smoked meat which comes from the back or sides of a pig. 3. On these fine evenings we usually have a barbecue. 4. In British English, a biscuit is a small flat cake that is crisp and usually sweet. 5. Children never seem to like eating cabbage.

1. They said they'll shoot down any aircraft entering the airspace. 2. Quick, call an ambulance. I think he's had a heart attack. 3. A broad avenue of lime trees(椴木) led up to a grand entrance with huge oak(橡树) doors. 4. The trolleybus's major advantages are that it is quiet and pollution-free. 5. Because of the bad weather, freeway driving conditions are expected to be dangerous tonight.



1. We've had another invasion of ants in the kitchen. 2. Mosquitoes carry diseases. 3. A herd of deer was peacefully grazing (吃草) between the forest and the river. 4. As dusk fell, bats began to fly between the trees. 5. Thunder is considered to be painfully loud.

第五类: 人自身及各种职业与称谓

1.The sprit is willing, but the flesh is weak.(肉体) 2.All flesh must die.(凡人) 3.A fat person has a great deal of flesh.(肉) 4.The flesh of the peach was sweet and juicy.(果肉)


“the phenomena that psychology takes as its province cover an enormous range.Some border on biology,others touch on social science, such as anthropology and sociology. Some concern behavior in animals, many others pertain behavior in humans. Some are about conscious experience, others focus on what people do regardless of what they may think or feel inside. Some involve humans or animals in isolation, others concern what they do when they are in groups. A few examples will give an initial sense of the scope of the subject matter.”

1.完全的,总体的 absolute, all, complete, entire every, full, perfect, total, whole 2.准确的,确定的 accurate, appropriate, correct, exact, just, positive, precise, proper, specific, regular, right, Standard, strict, true 3.真诚的,纯正的 actual, honest, natural, pure, real, sound, true 4.焦虑的,害怕的 afraid, anxious, nervous, tense, terrible, troublesome 5.外表的,外来的 foreign, independent, outer, outside, outward


1.喝,吞,咽 absorb, consume9 digest, down, drink, suck, swallow 2.改正,改进 better, correct, improve, mend, repair, transform 3.联合,合并 associate bond, combine, connect, glue, join, link, marry, mix, pool, unite 4.开花,繁 blow, develop, flower, grow, open, succeed


1.智慧,能力 ability, brains, gift, head, intelligence, mind, power, reason, sense, wisdom 2.摘要,概要 abstract, accent, basics, briefing, digest, fundamentals, outline, summary. 3.声音,调子 accent, noise, report, sound, stress, voice


Not long ago. My wife, PJ, and I tried a _________________________ new diet —not to lose a little weight but to ___ ____________________________ answer an annoying question about ___ change. climate
5. Why did the author and his wife try a new diet? A. To take special kinds of food 原因 B. To respond to climate change. C. To lose weight 正确答案是原文句子 D. To improve their health


“ Gracker Trail Cattle Drive,” by artist keith 为什么要错 Goodson, is the largest of the town’s 44 只看词, murals壁画 , covering the back wall of a 不分析句意和问题 grocery store 175 feet long by 30 feet high with a scene of cattlemen driving a herd through lake Placid 33. The largest mural壁画 in the lake Placid shows_______ A.Some farmers herding cattle B.The inside of a grocery store C.The town’s plants and animals D.Some artists at home and abroad

Hold the Galadium Festival in 1989. The ________________________________ event, which features arts and crafts and an ________________________________ antique car show, attracts up to 25,000 _____________ visitors annually 32. What can visitors see at the Galadium Festival apart from arts and crafts? A.Various beautiful flowers B. old but valuable vehicles C. Show of new and expensive cars D. performance from professional clowns


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