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The Problems Of Higher Education In China
The sixth group

? Background ? The problems in higher education
― Tuition fees ― Development of student numbers ― Challenges in higher education

? Solutions for those Challenges ? Conclusions

History of higher education (1/2)

National College Entrance Exam (NCEE)
Contributions :
The reliable talent security for modernization Satisfying The appetite of citizens The improvement of income
Deng Xiaoping reinstated the gaokao in 1977.

Current's higher educations (2/2)
? Four-year colleges
? Universities ? bachelor degrees or higher

? short-cycle colleges
? Two-and Three-year

? An additional two-year programme

The problems in higher education
? Tuition fees ? Development of student numbers ? Challenges in higher education
― core and fringe ― Unemployment ― Quality

Development of Tuition Fee

Comparing to the increase tuition fee. The students should pay some amount of the so-called training fee

Development of student numbers

Despite these increases in enrolment, access to higher education remains a very competitive endeavour.

Higher education remains competitive endeavour

Thousands of troops on a single-log bridge

Compete to enter prestigious institutions (Project 985, 211)

Challenges of higher education (1/4)
? Challenges in three aspects
Distribution of opportunities between core and fringe populations Unemployment of university graduates Quality of higher education

Challenges of higher education (2/4)
? Core and fringe
― The chance for enrolment of students from urban versus those from rural areas ― The treatment between local students and those from other regions ― The barriers outweight any possible positive initiative ― The difference of quality of teachers and institutions

Challenges of higher education (3/4)
? Quality
? The quality gap differences between education in the cities and in the rural areas :
The insufficiency of educational resources The difficulty of transmission The poor economy situation

Challenges of higher education (4/4)
? Unemployment
― The supply and demand out of touch' problem in China's employment market ― Higher education system is mass-producinghighly qualified ― Many students are not trained in “selling themselves

Solutions for those Challenges

Government must be well aware of this challenges

The improvement of education in rural areas should be addressed

Giving the poverty-stricken areas various aspects of supportive measures


Many problems are yet unsolved but there are some progress and improvements in higher education

Some solutions for the problems of higher educations need the help of the reform of education system

Thank you!


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