1..There is a world of music out there!
We saw a world of birds in the wood. 这种药对我大有好处。 The medicine did me a world of good.
2. What we hear on the radio or see on TV is only a small part of all the wonderful music that is waiting for us. that也可引导主语从句,但在句中不充当任何成分。

你刚才说的话不是真的 What you said just now is not true. 我们将要迟到,这是确定无疑的

That we shall be late is certain.

3.The blues is a way for people to show who they are and what is in their heart. Perhaps the most important characteristic of rap music is the way the artist sing. ----Perhaps the most important characteristic of rap music is the way in which/ that/ 不填 the artist sing. Eg. 我不喜欢他说话的方式。
I don’t like the way in which (that / 不填) he speaks. Attention: This is the way that really works . We must learn to act in ways that do not harm other living things.

4.. People have been playing the blues for many years, but the music has kept many of characteristics. ( 过去开始而且现在仍在进行的动作)
那本书你读了多久了? How long have you been reading that book?

characteristic: 特点,特征.
1).和善是他的特性之一。 Kindness is one of his characteristics. 2).我向他描述了非洲歌曲的特色。 I described to him the characteristic of the African songs.

5.contain vs. include:


1)contain: 着重“包含,里面装有,”

如:The bottle contains water. 这个瓶子里有水。 Sea water contains salt.
2) include:include强调“包括作为整体的一部分,”, 如: The list included his name.这个名单上包括他的名字。

6. Hip-hop and rap have much in common with blues and rock, but they also have their own characteristics
have …in common with “与…相同或相似” e.g.我与李明有很多相似之处。 I have much in common with Li Ming. 这两兄弟的长相极少有相似之处。 The two brothers have little in common in their appearances. have much/little/something/nothing/a lot in common with/in

7.Combine: to join or mix together to form a whole

1). Combine A with/and B 把…和…加起来
使理论与实践相结合 combine theory with practice 2). be combined with 与...结合着 a bridge combined with railway and highway 铁路、公路两用桥 Combine n. 联合收割机;


The bird flu is spreading through Asia. 2).伸展,延伸

The forest spreads from here to the river.

The eagle spread its wings.

? Papermaking began in China and from here it ____ to North Africa and Europe. A. spread B grew C.carried D. developed.

9. There is a wide variety of new music to be discovered in every corner of the world, so … open your ears to the sounds of the world! eg.由于超市给人们提供各种各样的商品,越来越多的人 选择到超市去购物。

More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great variety of goods.
In the botanic garden(植物园) we can find a (an) ______ of plants that range from tall trees to small flowers.(2001上海) A. species B. group C. amount D. variety

10.variety: quality of not being the

same number or range of different things
1).这个购物中心出售许多种商品。 The shopping-centre sells a variety of goods. 2).我们有大量不同种类的品种供选择

We have a great / large / wide variety of patterns to choose from. 3) every variety of form 各种形式

for a variety of reasons 因种种理由 for variety's sake 为了不单调起见 in a variety of ways 用种种方法

11…, so the next time you look for a tap or a CD, don’t just look for Chinese or American music.
the next time 看作连词,引起时间状语从句。 Each time she came, Jane brought me a nice book. The next time you faced with new words, try to guess their meanings first. I thought her nice and honest __ I met her. A. first B. for the first time C. the first time D. by the first time


vs. because of

1)We have made such great progress because of your help. 2)She was crying because of what he had said. 3)He was late because of heavy traffic. 4)Because he was ill, he didn’t go to school. =Because of his illness, he didn’t go to school.

because of +(n./v.+ing/what从句)


Usages of some key words:

beat: vi. to strike repeatedly (esp. the heart)
n. a regular, rhythmical unit of time

vt. defeat
1.My heart is beating faster. 2.The music is so fast that I can’t follow the beat.

3.The German team beat the Japanese team 31 in the volleyball match.

pick: v. to gather; harvest v. to take on passengers v. to carefully select 1. Autumn is the season to pick apples. 2. I’ll pick you up after work. 3. The top ten pop songs for this year have been picked out.

style: n. the fashion of the moment n. type, kind n. a way of doing something 1. The dress she bought yesterday is in the latest style. 2. I like different styles of music, such as rock music, folk music, pop music and classical music. 3. The style is the man.

? style
live in the western style 过西式生活 Do you have a chair in this style? in style 流行的; This type of dress is now in style.

out of style 不再流行的,过时的 This dress is styled for a formal party.


v. to upset
a. / n. a kind of music, rock’n’roll

n. Hard and large stones
1.The death of John Lennon, the lead singer of the Beatles, rocked the nation. 2.Cui Jian is one of the most famous rock stars in China. 3. The ship hit some rocks and sank. Luckily all the passengers were rescued.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. 通过收音机 2.喜欢的演奏者,明星或乐队 3.声音和节奏 4.音乐形式 5.A是B的重要部分之一 6.A与B有许多的相同之处 7.他们自己的特征 8.和着节拍大声说 9.说西班牙语的人群 10.大量的,多种多样的

Languages Points 1.大量… a world of… 2.给…的生日买礼物 buy…for one’s birthday 3.作出决定 make a decision 4.给…建议 make/give suggestions 5.伴着音乐跳舞 dance to the music 6.考虑做… consider doing … 7.在收音机上 8.在电视上 9.悠久历史 10.和…有共同之处 11.有特点 12.受…欢迎 13.许多/多种多样 on the radio on TV (have) a long history have … in common with have characteristics be popular with a variety of

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