【导与练】高中英语 Unit5 section ⅰ warming up & reading同步教学课件 新人教版必修1_图文

Unit 5

Nelson Mandela—a modern hero
Warming Up & Reading

Section Ⅰ

一、在空格处填上适当的词概括课文 The passage tells about the (1)__________ of Nelson Mandela life through Elias' story.Elias, a poor black worker, met Nelson

Mandela when his life was in a very (2)__________ time.With the difficult
help of Mr.Mandela, he got (3)____________ days.Then he hopeful joined (4)____________ the ANC Youth League and helped fight for the

equal (5)____________ rights.

二、根据课文内容,选择最佳答案 1 .It can be inferred from the text that Elias began school in the year of ________. D A.1940 B.1942 C.1952 D.1946 2.Why did Elias not have a passbook to live in Johannesburg? _________. D A.Because he was born in a poor family. B.Because he studied little at that time. C.Because he was a black worker. D.Because he was not born in Johannesburg.

3.What does the word “It” mean in the sentence “It was very

dangerous because if I was caught I could be put in prison.” ? ________. A
A.Blowing up some government buildings.

B.Joining the ANC Youth League.
C.Fighting for the freedom of the blacks. D.Fighting against the government peacefully.

4.According to the text, which of the following is NOT true about Nelson Mandela?_________. C A .He was kind to Elias and even helped him to stay in Johannesburg. B . He was one of the top organizers of the ANC Youth League.

C.He was willing to accept that black people were not equal
to white people in South Africa. D.He was a black lawyer in 1952.

5 . The blacks decided to answer violence with violence because ________. A

A.they could not break the law in a peaceful way
B.they decided to fight for the laws

C.they could not afford the school fees and the bus fare
D.they liked Nelson Mandela and were willing to follow his order

三、段落大意匹配 Part ( D )1.Para.1 in Mandela. Main Idea A.Mandela's help to Elias and Elias' trust B.The troubles Elias met in his education and work. ( A )3.Para.3-4 ( E )4.Para.5-6

( B )2.Para.2

C.The blacks' answer to violence
with violence for equal rights. D.A brief self-introduction. E.The unfair treatment the blacks received in South Africa.

( C )5.Para.7

四、课文内容复述 Elias was a poor black worker.He first met Nelson Mandela (1)________ it was (2)________ difficult time for him.He was so when a poor (3)____________ he couldn't afford his school fees and bus that fare.When he (4)__________ (worry) about whether he would was worried be (5)__________ of work because he had no passbook, Mandela out offered guidance to him.Later, Elias joined the ANC Young League (6)____________ (orga-nize) by Mandela and helped Mandela organized (7)__________ (blow) up some government buildings.It was blow dangerous (8)____________ (danger), but Elias was happy because he was trying (9)________ best to realize their dream (10)__________ of his making black and white people equal.

And what qualities does a great person have ?一位伟 人具有什么样的品质呢? 1.quality n. 点拨 (1)[U]质量(和 quantity “数量”相对) We aim at quality rather than quantity. 我们追求质量而不是数量。

(2)[C](人的)品质;品性;品德 He has many fine qualities.他具备很多好品质。 (3)[C]性质;特性 One quality of wood is that it can burn. 木头的特性之一就是能燃烧。 拓展 be of top/good/poor quality 质量上乘/好/劣 运用 用 quality 的适当形式填空 quality ①For study, ________ is more important than quantity.

qualities ②Tom has all the __________ of a great man.

2.mean adj.吝啬的;自私的;卑鄙的 典例 He is mean over/about/with money.他对钱很吝啬。 It is mean of you to tease her.你捉弄她太卑鄙了。 拓展 mean (meant, meant) vt. (1)意思是;意味着(常接名词、代词、动名词或从句) Missing the train means waiting for another hour. 错过了火车就意味着要再等一个小时。

I meant to go, but a friend of mine came to see me. 我本打算走的,可是一个朋友来看我了。

运用 完成句子
① In my opinion, being ________________ ( 吝啬的 ) with mean means losing everything ________________ (意味着失去) everything easily. ② I didn't ________________ ( 打算 ) get you so much mean to involved in the matter.

3.active adj.积极的;活跃的 典例 He became an active social reformer. 他成了一位积极的社会改革家。 拓展 an active volcano 一座活火山

be active in 活跃于?? take an active part in 积极参加??

lead/live an active life 过着积极的生活

运用 完成句子 ①Our teacher often encourages us to __________________ be active in (活跃于) thinking during class. ②My father always _____________________ ( 过着积极的 leads/lives an active life 生活). takes an active part in ③He _____________________ ( 积 极 参 加 ) all kinds of activities after class.

A great person is someone who devotes his/her life to
helping others.伟人是终生致力于帮助他人的人。 4.devote vt.(与 to 连用)献身;专心于 典例 He devotes himself to writing. 他专心写作。 拓展 devote... to (doing) sth.献身/专心于(做)某事 devoted adj.忠实的;深爱的 be devoted to (doing) sth.献身/专心于(做)某事 be devoted to sb.忠诚于某人

运用 完成句子

①Norman Bethune was ________________________ ( 献身 devoted to
于) medicine career. ② Nelson Mandela ________________________ his whole devoted to helping life ________________ (致力于帮助) the black. ③He is very _______________ (忠诚于) his wife. devoted to

He fought for black people and was in prison for almost thirty years.他(纳尔逊· 曼德拉)为黑人而斗争,被监禁了 将近 30 年。

5.be in prison 坐牢;被监禁 点拨 这是一个固定短语,prison 前不带冠词。若表示“在
监狱工作或去办事”,则要加冠词。如: He works in the prison.他在监狱上班。

拓展 go to prison 入狱
put/send sb.in prison 把某人送进监狱 throw sb.into prison 把某人送进监狱 be taken to prison 被关进监狱 be out of prison 出狱 break prison 越狱

运用 完成句子 in prison ①He has been ____________________ ( 坐牢) for five years and you may see him at home next year. in the prison ②His father has worked ____________________ (在监狱里) for over 20 years. was taken to prison ③The man _________________________ ( 被关进监狱) for stealing a car.

He was generous with his time, for which I was grateful.
他十分慷慨地给予我时间,我为此非常感激。 6.generous adj. 点拨 (1)慷慨的;大方的 The rich man was quite generous in aiding these poor people. 那位富人慷慨接济这些穷人。 (2)宽容大量的;宽厚的 He is generous to his subordinates. 他对待部属很宽厚。

(3)大量的;丰富的;丰盛的 He treated us a generous supper. 他请我们吃了一顿丰盛的晚餐。 拓展 be generous with sth.对某事大方

be generous in doing sth.乐于做某事
be generous to sb.对某人大方/宽容

be generous to do sth.做某事大方

运用 完成句子 generous to ①He is ____________________ everyone _________ with money (在??方面对??很大方).

be generous in doing ②We students should ______________________ (乐于做) hard work. a generous lunch ③She gave me _________________________ (一顿丰盛 的午餐).

I had to leave because my family could not continue to
pay the school fees and the bus fare.我不得不辍学,因为我的家 庭无法继续支付学费和交通费。 7.continue v. 点拨 (1)继续;连续(后可跟不定式或动名词) I was allowed to continue using/to use the library.

(2)持续(相当于系动词,表示某种状态) According to the weather report, the weather will continue fine till this weekend. 据天气预报所说,好天气会持续到这个周末。

辨析 continue/go on/last (1)continue 表示“继续做某事(可不中断,也可中断后继 续)”。如: They continued meeting/to meet every week. 他们继续每周见面。 (2)go on doing sth.表示“继续做某事(同一件事)”;go on to do sth.表示“做完一件事继续接着做另一件事”。如: In England Marx went on studying English.After mastering

English he went on to study Russian.
马克思在英国继续学习英语,掌握了英语后他继续学习俄 语。

(3)last 指时间“持续”时,常可与 continue 互换,但 last 不能用于被动语态;last 还有“维持”之意。如: The hot weather will last/continue for ten days. 这种炎热的天气会持续 10 天。 运用 用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空 ①He ____________ being silent. continued ②The food can only __________ three days. last go on/continue ③After finishing the homework, let's __________________ to play chess.

Sadly I did not have one because I was not born there,

and I worried about whether I would become out of work.糟糕

8.out of work/job (=without a job)失业 典例 He has been out of work for nearly two years. 他失业近乎两年了。

拓展 in work 有工作
lose one's job 失业 go to work 去上班 out of breath 气喘吁吁 out of date=out of fashion 过期;过时 out of control 失去控制

运用 完成句子 out of work/job ①Those who are __________________ ( 失业 ) live a hard life. ②Is her husband _________________ (有工作)? in work

③The car ______________________ ( 失去控制 ) and was out of control
crashed into a tree.

Black people could not vote or choose their leaders. 黑 人没有选举权,他们无权选择他们的领导人。 9.vote 点拨 (1)vt.投票;选举 They voted her their headmaster. 他们选她做校长。 (2)vi.投票;选举(+for/against/on/to do) Twenty delegates voted for/against the proposal. 有 20 名代表投票赞成/反对这个提议。 The chairman asked us to vote on the plan. 主席要我们对这个计划进行表决。 The students voted to continue the sit-in. 学生们一致决定继续静坐示威。


He was beaten by a vote.他以一票之差落选。 运用 完成句子
by vote ① The matter will be decided _______________ ( 通过投 票). ②We should __________________ (投票赞成) the law. vote for ③We __________________ (选举他) our monitor. voted him

But I was happy to help because I knew it would help us
achieve our dream of making black and white people equal. 但 是我乐于帮忙,因为我知道,这是为了实现我们黑人和白人平 等的梦想。 10.equal

点拨 (1)adj.相等的;平等的
Our education system should provide equal opportunities for all children. 我们的教育体制应该为所有儿童提供平等的机会。 (2)vt.等于;抵得上;比得上 Two plus two equals four.二加二等于四。

拓展 be equal to 胜任;合适;相等 be equal in 在??方面相等 运用 用 equal 及其构成的短语的适当形式填空 equal in ①They believe that all work is ________________ value. equal ②None of us can ________________ her, either in beauty or

as a dancer.
equal to ③Are you ________________ this task?

Elias went to see Nelson Mandela when he was in
trouble.当伊莱亚斯处于困境中时,他去找了纳尔逊· 曼德拉。 11.in trouble 在危险、受罚、痛苦、忧虑等的处境中 典例 He is always ready to help those who are in trouble. 他总是乐于帮助那些处于困境的人。 拓展 out of trouble 摆脱困境 get/run into trouble 陷入困境/麻烦中 make trouble 制造麻烦 have trouble (in) doing sth.做某事有困难

运用 完成句子

①If you are _________________ ( 遇到麻烦), please call in trouble
me. ②He ___________________ (有困难) finding a job. has trouble (in) ③The naughty boy always ___________________ ( 惹麻烦) makes trouble in the neighborhood.

Elias was willing to blow up government buildings.伊莱 亚斯愿意去炸毁政府大楼。 12.willing adj.乐意的;自愿的 典例 Are you willing to join our group? 你愿意加入我们的团队吗? 拓展 be willing to do sth.愿意做某事 be willing that...愿意??(从句用虚拟语气) 运用 用所给单词的适当形式填空 to give ①I'm willing ______________ (give) up the position. ②Is she willing that she (should) help (help) us finish the ___________


Why did Nelson Mandela turn to violence to make
black and white people equal?为什么纳尔逊· 曼德拉要借助于 暴力来使黑人和白人平等? 13.turn to 点拨 (1)求助于;致力于 He often turns to me when he is in trouble. 他有麻烦时经常向我求助。 The researchers now turn to a new subject.


(2)翻到(书的某页/章) Please turn to page 20.请翻到 20 页。 (3)转向;变成 Their talk turned to the changes that had taken place in the city. 他们的话题转到了城市发生的变化上。 运用 完成句子 ①She ________________ (求助于) me for advice. turned to ② ________________ ( 转向 ) the left and you will find the Turn to post office.

本课时词汇 拓展词汇 构词法小结 hopeful adj.怀有希 hope n.& v.希望;期望 1.________和________为名词后缀, 望的;有希望的 表示“性质,状态,具有??的特 征”。如:performance 表演, peaceful adj.和平 peace n.和平;安宁 的;平静的;安宁 contribution 贡献。 的 2.________和________为否定前缀 和否定后缀,表示否定意义。如: self n.自我;自身 selfish adj.自私的 selfless adj.无私的;忘我的 unimportant 不重要的, careless 粗 selflessly adv.无私地;忘我 心的。 地 3.________为副词后缀,表示 devote v.献身;专 devoted adj.忠实的;深爱的 “以??方式地”。如:happily 快 乐地。 心于 devotion n.忠实;忠诚 4.________,________,________ guidance n.指导; guide vt.指导;引导; 领导 为??领路 n.导游;向导 和________为形容词后缀,表示 “具有??的特征的”。如: willing adj.乐意 will n.意愿;意志 chil-dish 孩子气的, excited 兴奋 的;自愿的 unwilling adj.不乐意的 的, interesting 有趣的, mouthful unfair adj.不公正 fair adj.公正的;公平的 满嘴的。 的;不公平的

运用 用所给单词的适当形式填空

hopeful hopes 1.She is _________ about the future and __________ that
her dream will come true some day.(hopeful) 2.Sometimes she is regarded as a _________ woman and selfish sometimes a __________ woman.When she saw somebody in selfless trouble, she would offer her help ___________ but she treated selflessly herself selfishly.(self)

3 .The old scientist has _________ his life to medical work devoted
and his __________ deeply moves all of us.(devote) devotion

4.In China, the entrance examination is a _________ chance fair for every student.If someone cheats in the exam, it is __________ unfair to others.(fair) willing 5.She is a woman with strong _________.She is _________ will to meet the challenge, so she often does difficult work.(willing)

peace peaceful 6 . She loves ___________.She lives in a ___________

guidance 7 . Under the professor's ____________ , he achieved his study and became an excellent __________.(guide) guide

1 .The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress, until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all.过去 30 年

到今天,我们还处在几乎什么权利都没有的阶段。 点拨 此处 The last thirty years have seen...是一种拟人化的 写作手法,用来增加句子的表现力。see 在此意为“(在某段时 期或某地)发生;经历”。有类似用法的动词还有 find, witness 等。如: The 5th century saw the end of the Roman Empire in the West.5 世纪见证了西方罗马帝国的灭亡。

运用 完成句子 ①Mountains ________________ ( 发现) these trees growing find day by day.

②The last 10 years ______________________ (见证了) have seen
many changes in the city.

2 . ...only then did we decide to answer violence with

点拨 “only then did...”意为“只有到这个时候才??”。

当 only 引导的状语或状语从句位于句首时,句子要部分倒装, 即将情态动词、助动词或系动词提前,放在主语前。如: Only by shouting was he able to make people on the other side of the river hear him.


运用 完成句子 ①Only when his father told him the truth ________________ did he realize (他意识到) his stupid mistake. can you ②Only in this way ________________ ( 你能够 ) solve the



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