Unit2 Poems Using language课件(人教版选修6)_图文

Unit 2

Using language

1. Listen to the poem “I’ve saved the summer” and answer these questions. 1) Do you think the speaker in the poem is more likely to be a girlfriend / boyfriend or parent? 2) Does the poem have a rhythmic pattern?

3) Does the poem have rhyming words? 4) When you were listening to the poem, did it make you feel something or

think about something ? What did it
make you feel or think about?

2. Now read “I’ve saved the summer”.

1) Circle the words that rhyme. What
is unusual about the rhyming words

in the last four lines?
2) Listen to the poem again and clap the strong beats.

Rod McKuen


I’ve saved the summer

And I give it all to you
To hold on winter mornings

When the snow is new.

I’ve saved some sunlight If you should ever need

A place away from darkness
Where your mind can feed.

And for myself I’ve kept your smile

When you were but nineteen,
Till you’re older you’ll not know What brave young smiles can mean.

I know no answers

To help you on your way
The answers lie somewhere At the bottom of the day.

But if you’ve a need for love I’ll give you all I own

It might help you down the road
Till you’ve found your own.

Rod McKuen


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