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outline: 1.Background 2.Problems and Countermeasures 3.Conclusion
Given that we are the last team and its already noon time,we keep everything simple enough to let you go to lunch sooner.

Higher education,as it says,contains the undergraduate ,postgraduate and even higher studying.
Since the recovery of college entrance examination in 1977 , the development of higher education in China has sustained for more than 30 years, sent a large number of high-level technological talented for the modernization construction of our country.

But its still too young to be perfect enough.

1.enrollment expansion:
On one hand, due to the enrollment expansion of higher education,the decreasing in candidates' admission scores results in a uneven level of recruits, brought a extremely hash challenge to collective teaching . On the other hand, along with the increasing number of students, the corresponding basic teaching facilities, teaching management and reform should also adapt to the new situation which really costs a lot .

2.teaching approach:
As it's well known ,The teacher-oriented classroom exists in most china's colleges don’t encourage participation.Rather, repetition and memorization defines the typical Chinese cultural-based learning environment. This top-down teaching approach sunks a lot.A multitude of undergraduates, even postgraduates are lack of fundamental reasoning and problem-solving skills,which generally considered essential to success, including critical thinking, creativity and curiosity.

3.teacher evaluation:
Firstly,a scientific standard,in line with local conditions; should be owing to the different situation,the lack of scientific classification on the teachers' evaluation criteria led to the unpractical requirement for them . Secondly, The evaluation should be a comprehensive package program,which should not just focus on the hard targets,but pay attention to humanities spirit and innovation ability, the unsuitable evaluation content misguides teachers concentrate on professional proficiency,ignoring moral construction. Lastly, The absence of standardized evaluation procedures and assessments put a heavy psychological burden on many teachers who are struggling to cope with,enabling teachers to evaluation resentment.

4.credibility declines:
Since graduate education translating from "elite education" to "civilian education" rapidly, the level of education becomes uneven in short term, making the reputation of many universities damaged and the credibility questioned.
Specifically, the information of universities become incomplete, unreal and even absent. Some universities are blindly fuss with the so-called size and construction in hardware but avoids the key factors including teaching conditions ,faculty and its components in software ,or just publicize these factors they don't possess, delivering unreal information. In addition, the deficiency of publicity of interschool integration, mergence and even changing name makes public is difficult to find relevant valuable information. administration:
as if overnight ,Universities with the reputation of ivory tower are lost in the fog of serious bureaucracy and academic fraud one after another,involving well-known professors and scholars once shining . Administration of education distorts the Chinese higher education and research by affects the allocation of academic resources .Professors and scholars can not spare enough time to academic research ,which gives birth to the administration of academic corruption . Learning from Western Europe and America,the removal of the university administration can be easier soluted if we bring professor managing into force, implement practice of administration without interfere with academic to achieves academic freedom.

A reform of higher education is of great urgency,but given the existing objection of its problems, there is no way but to joint efforts from all respects,

it may sound like a empty lip service , but we really need to act.

thank you!~


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